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Configuration Identification

The process of:
Labeling hardware and software configuration items with unique identifiers. Identifying the documentation that describes a configuration item

Grouping related configuration items into baselines. Labeling revisions to configuration items and baselines.

The purpose of configuration identification is to maintain control of an evolving system by:
Uniquely identifying the system, revisions of the system and the component parts of each revision. Understanding the status of configuration items as they progress through the development process.

We achieve this by:

Breaking a system down into a number of known and manageable parts (configuration items). Uniquely identifying each of these parts. Identifying the various revisions of a part as it evolves throughout its development life cycle. Keeping track of the aggregates of parts that make up a deliverable items. Establishing baselines to give visibility of the completeness of a system at critical points in its development lifecycle

Keeping detailed and accurate records of the above in a Configuration Item register or database.

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